The best time of day to interview for a job

If you are called in for an interview, try to schedule the appointment in the morning if you can. A study from the Harvard School of Business showed that people conducting interviews tended to compare and rate candidates who interviewed later in the day to the candidates they’d spoken with earlier (rather than scoring an interview based on the entire pool of applicants.)

This means that if the person conducting the interview had met with a particularly strong candidate in the morning and had already given out top scores, candidates interviewing later would be judged more harshly to compensate.

A hiring manager who has already given out a number of high marks could feel obligated to give out a lower grade to the next candidate regardless of actual qualifications. Also if an employer has already been impressed with a strong candidate it can be more difficult for subsequent applicants to be as memorable, even if equally qualified.

Scheduling your job interviews at the beginning of the day gives you the best shot at standing out in employers’ eyes, and beating the potential afternoon candidate-fatigue syndrome.