Frequently Asked Questions


What is the typical process for using Vitae Express for a resume or other career service?

All of Vitae Express’s services follow a similar three-step process and are adapted to the specific requests of the client.

Step one begins with a client consultation and assessment of their needs. During this time we discuss the purpose of the services they are requesting – are they applying for a new job, internal promotion, or career change?  This could include clarifying the service and if they have identified a targeted profession or industry. Following this, we partner with the client to analyze the most relevant education, work experience, accomplishments, skills, strengths, and attributes they possess and how those skills relate to the job competency requirements.

Step two starts the service process. The best strategy is determined for the client to find success. For example, if they have elected to have their resume written by us, we identify the most suitable resume format, structure, and techniques for them to market themselves to employers. The content provided by the client is reviewed to optimize strengths and minimize any weaknesses. We conduct additional research, targeting profession/industry information. From the provided information and research, we create the content of the resume – highlighting the key factors such as responsibilities, successes, strengths, and expertise all while optimizing it with industry specific keywords and phrases. After completing this draft, the resume is reviewed to ensure that it links the client’s competencies to the targeted profession, formatting is current, and content grammatically correct.

Step three is the review process. For all resume services, we present the client with the final product and review it together to ensure that it successfully targets their objectives and is an accurate portrayal of their experience. If any changes are required to meet specific needs' they are done at this time.


Does Vitae Express have a standard pricing system for services?

At Vitae Express we have a standard price schedule for all services. This includes a la carte services and service packages. The clients' experience is taken into account when a price is quoted. Based on experience, clients fall into one of four categories:

  • Graduating Student
  • Entry Level Professional
  • Experienced Professional
  • Executive Level Professional


How did Scott Gardner get into the career services business?

After spending years in recruiting and staffing medical professionals for positions throughout the continental United States, Scott became very aware of the need to supply career services beyond what is offered at educational institutions. While high school, technical schools and college/universities may prepare you to be in the workforce, they do not teach you how to actually enter it. Witnessing example after example of professionals being hampered in their job search by having a poor resume that did not accurately reflect the skills,  Scott chose to branch out and offer his experience and skill set to them. After establishing a reputation for creating quality career documents, the Vitae Express service line expanded to career coaching in an effort to further aid the clients.


What types of customers has Vitae Express worked with?

Our clientele come from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels from graduating students to experienced professionals. We tailor the resume and adjacent services to match your unique background so you can find success in your job search as you look to advance your career.


What advice would you give someone who is looking to hire a resume writer or career coach?

When looking for someone to write your resume or provide career services, it is critical that they have a professional background and real world experience in the candidate selection and hiring process. An individual with an administrative background might be a fantastic writer, but a resume is more than just a Word document with fancy adjectives and action verbs. Has your resume and career professional worked in staffing and recruiting? Have they reviewed applicant resumes and conducted interviews? Have they actually ever hired anyone? These questions should be asked of anyone who you are considering hiring to advise you on your career path or write your resume.


What questions should customers think through before hiring a resume writer and career coach?

· Does your resume writing have real world experience in reviewing applicant resumes?

· Have they been involved in the recruiting and screening of applicants?

· Has this person ever conducted an interview with an applicant? If so, what types of positions?

· Does this person have a track record of success in resume writing and career coaching?

· Are they part of any professional associations that align with the industry? If so, what organizations and is this organization nationally recognized?